The product: Makeweb

Makeweb lets your publish your websites in a simple and intuitive way. You decide what kind of design and layout you want for your website, and we form the templates for you. Makeweb is module based and easily scales to any size website, small or large.

All you need for editing your webpages with Makeweb is a browser (Internet explorer or Firefox recommended). There is no need for installing any software.


You create webpages in Makeweb by using a rich text editor that has similar features to any popular desktop text editor. You can insert images, tables, bullets and much more. You can also attach forms or custom modules to any menu or article, as well as control when and article will be published and when it will automatically be removed.


You can change web template between the ones made available to you at any time.


See our example packages for a list of available modules. We can also develop any kind of module per customer request, contact us for pricing.

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